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life/art 02

The shiseido Gallery will host the second of the series “life/art” which features the artists Hajime Imamura, Kenichi Kanazawa, Yoshihiro Suda, Nobuyuki Tanaka and Masato Nakamura.
The exhibition "life/art," which began in 2001 presents new works by the same five artists for a period of five consecutive years, during which period the organizers and artists aim to reanalyze the established concepts of art and craft.

The theme for this year is "house." Masato Nakamura, who proposed this theme will build a real house with full support of HIGASHI NIHON HOUSE CO., LTD. inside the gallery. The house, which is in a strange L-shaped form has a frontage that is only 1.8 meters in width. However, Nakamura will use materials that HIGASHI NIHON HOUSE employs for its custom-built homes and therefore, his house can be used as an actual residence. The "work" is characteristic of Nakamura who has continued to explore ways in which his art can have contacts with real society.

The remaining four artists will also interpret the "house" theme in their own ways and present new works accordingly. For example, Hajime Imamura will present an installation using materials that are indispensable to houses such as antenna for refrigerators and televisions. Nobuyuki Tanaka will display an object made from lacquer in the Japanese-style tatami room on the second floor of Nakamura's house.

This exhibition aims to allude to the circumstances revolving around today's art and craft, for example, to the way our encounter with art is so often limited to the white cube that is removed from our daily life.

HIGASHI NIHON HOUSE CO., LTD. / INAX corporation / Asahi Glass Exterior Building Materials Co., Ltd. / SHIKOKU CHEMICALS CORPORATION / Sun wave corporation / KUBOTA corporation / YOSHIMEI CO., LTD. / DAIKO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. / Inc. co. KANAI / Hida Forest Company / Sakamoto Kamikougyou Co. / YKK AP INC. / T・DESIGN・S inc. / Ryohin Keikaku Co., LTD.

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