Exhibition Schedule

The 17th shiseido art egg


Maki HAYASHIDA; January 30 (Tue)-March 3 (Sun) ,2024
Zai NOMURA; March 12 (Tue)-April 14 (Sun) ,2024
Hirotoshi IWASAKI; April 23 (Tue)-May 26 (Sun) ,2024

Based on the concept of "discovery and creation of new beauty,” The Shiseido Gallery has opened its doors to emerging artists for more than 100 years since its opening. This edition of the 17th in the series
will feature solo exhibitions by three artists selected through a screening process from among 351 applications received from all over Japan.

“Pulse of Beauty ‐Shiseido's Creative Works‐”


June 8 (Sat)ーAugust 4 (Sun) ,2024

An exhibition that displays Shiseido's creative products, packages, and advertisements with positive and playful designs in line with the trends of the times.Introducing new advertising expressions that appeared in that era and the fun designs that uplifted the mood of people at that time.

Bishin Jumonji Exhibition (tentative)


August 27 (Tue)ーOctober 20 (Sun) ,2024 (tentative)

The Shiseido Gallery will feature the space of Daijyo-ji Temple(Okyodera), known for its sliding door created by Okyo and his disciples, unveiled by photographer Bishin Jumonji. The space of Daijyo-ji Temple, as taken by Jumonji, will present a timeless Japanese aesthetic beauty and a new vision of the world while encompassing the Buddhist universe depicted by Okyo and his disciples.

Shiori Watanabe Exhibition (tentative)


November 5 (Tue)ー December 26 (Sun) ,2024 (tentative)

This exhibition invites attendees to explore the dynamic forces that have shaped Japan's ecosystems through installations that create self-sustaining environments with circulating water.By examining ecosystems across extensive timelines and presenting narratives about the interplay between nature and humans, the exhibition aims to illuminate the challenges within these relationships. Simultaneously, it seeks to discover pathways for our future coexistence, offering insights into how we might live harmoniously within our environment.

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