Exhibition Schedule

Tsubaki-kai 8: This New World –“Quest”-


August 27 (Sat)-December 18(Sun)(Tentative)

The Tsubaki-kai artists' group exhibition as created in 1947 to mark the post-war reopening of the Shiseido Gallery. Last year, we started a new Tsubaki-kai, the eighth, consisting of work by Hiroshi Sugito, Ryuji Nakamura, Nerhol, Futoshi Miyagi, Aiko Miyanaga, and [mé]. https://gallery.shiseido.com/en/tsubaki-kai/ 
Here at Shiseido Gallery, until 2023 we will join them to ponder the possibilities and challenges of a post-corona “new world.” 2021 will be designated the year of “Impetus,” 2022 that of “Quest,” and 2023 of “Culmination,” with the participating artists identifying new questions as they follow the processes involved in addressing these three themes, over time delving increasingly deeper into those questions, and their respective responses. In 2022 this year, artists will collaborate with other members, interact with experts from different fields, "explore" the questions and awareness that were born in the first year, and exhibit the works that are born from them.



End of February to End of May, 2022 (Tentative)

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Shiseido’s founding in 2022, Shiseido Gallery will hold an exhibition on the theme of “BANBUTSU SHISEI”, the origin of the company’s name.

In this exhibition, collaborating with artist Yuta Nakamura, we will explore and present the meaning of “BANBUTSU SHISEI”, which has been inherited from the past into the future, while focusing on the background of its origin and the founding of Shiseido.

*Content and schedule are subject to change depending on the status of Covid-19 cases.