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Dancing In Your Head

In 1997, Koganezawa made an impressive debut at "The 33rd 'Artists Today' Exhibition" held at the Yokohama Civic Art Gallery. In 1999, he received a grant from the Pola Art Foundation to study in Berlin, and furthered his studies there after being chosen by the Agency for Cultural Affairs for the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists. This July, he will return to Japan after 5 years. This will be a rare opportunity to see his works since he left Japan soon after his debut, although he has already received substantial recognition as an artist with a keen visual sensibility through many exhibitions in Europe and in the United States.
On this occasion, which will be his first solo show in Japan and one which will commemorate his returning, he will present the works "Dancing In Your Head" and "He Talks So Much Without Saying Anything," as well as a short animation work currently under way.
With "Dancing In Your Head," Koganezawa makes sounds from mundane objects such as wine glasses, cooking tools, stationary and vegetables and attempts to make music by combining those sounds. On each of the three walls of the large gallery, there will be 99 patterns of images, which will be played randomly. As a result, there will be a numerous combination of sounds that echo against each other. When the sounds are timed together, a certain rhythm will emerge, resulting in something that may resemble ethnic music or techno music.

"He Talks So Much Without Saying Anything" was recorded at a university in Wisconsin. Students gathered to make different kinds of sounds, from whistling to uttering strange shrieks. A variety of human voices are connected to each other in an awkward manner. This again is a work made from three different kinds of images, which will be projected onto the L-shaped walls in the small gallery. These images are also randomly played, which brings an unpredictable combination. The two works, though independent from each other, will create a complex musical (or noise-oriented) space as they mix with together.

Starting with this show, Shiseido Gallery hopes to initiate a new series of exhibitions that introduces promising artists from the younger generation.

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