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shiseido art egg 4

Throughout the ninety years since it opened in 1919, the Shiseido Gallery has been dedicated to Shiseido's corporate ideal of "the discovering and creating new value."
The "shiseido art egg" is a series of public exhibitions that open the doors of the gallery to offer up-and-coming new artists opportunities to show their work, an effort that marks a return to the company's original "mecenat" (activities supporting art and culture) efforts.
For this year's 4th shiseido art egg, the Shiseido Gallery received 336 applications from all over Japan, and choosing just three was a difficult task for the selection committee. After considerable deliberation, the Gallery is pleased to welcome three talented new artists-Asae Soya, Junichi Okamoto, and Goro Murayama-whose work the judges felt offered the kinds of new expression and creation expected to place them at the forefront of a next generation of artists.
These three will be exhibiting in solo shows in the first three months of 2010 according to the schedule below.
Please peruse the different worlds of the three artists.

Asae Soya January 8th (Fri) - January 31st (Sun), 2010

  • Ringing, 2010
  • Photo: Kazushi Suzaki

Asae Soya's oil paintings feature a keen sense of light and pellucid coloration that appeal not only visually, but also viscerally as if through the human senses of touch and hearing, works that seem as if they can be "felt" and "heard," not just seen. In this exhibition Soya takes up the theme of "the 'resonance' of color," arranging variously cut and colored pieces of sheeting and vinyl in rippling patterns across the walls, ceilings, and floors of the Shiseido Gallery to create an installation that makes the very air within seem to undulate with billowing color.
Viewers are invited to come experience these realms positioned between colors expressed in Soya's selection of hues that create almost musical chord-like harmonies.

Asae Soya

Born in Kanagawa, Japan
Completed the Graduate School in Fine Arts with Ph.D. in the Oil Painting
Course at Tokyo University of the Arts

Junichi Okamoto February 5th (Fri) - February 28th (Sun), 2010

  • Sophie's Forest - Exit, 2009
  • Photo: Ken Kato

Sculptor Junichi Okamoto looks at the boundaries between art and the everyday to create works that transform spaces in dramatic ways.
In this exhibition Okamoto boldly and simply divides the Shiseido Gallery, itself comprised of large and small exhibition spaces, to reveal worlds of polar opposites-light and dark, ordinary and extraordinary-in a space that allows viewers to come and go amongst them, experiencing the way they speak gently to our physical senses and conscious perceptions alike.

Junichi Okamoto

Born in Hyogo, Japan
Completed the Graduate School of Art and Design with MFA, in the Sculpture Course at Musashino Art University

Goro Murayama March 5th (Fri) - March 28th (Sun), 2010

  • Left: God is in the parts, 2009
  • Right: The interpenetration is done,
    the drift is done
    , 2009
  • Property of the Museum of
    Contemporary Art Tokyo
  • Photo: Keizo Kioku

Goro Murayama creates his art through a unique systematic process that cycles through the four activities of weaving strands of hemp, laying groundwork, drawing a picture, and viewing the results, a process repeated and allowed to vary as time goes on to result in large, two-dimentional works.
In this exhibition, Murayama applies this system again, repeatedly alternating his work of base forming and depiction, allowing these to reiterate and permeate one another to expand into the Shiseido Gallery space as new works that seem systematic on one hand, but also primitive and mysterious.
Visitors are invited to come explore and enjoy these latest depictions by Goro Murayama, created by braiding expansive time and diverse elements into works that start with the production of numerous hempen strands.

Goro Murayama

Born in Tokyo, Japan
Currently enrolled in the Mural Painting Course within Graduate School of
Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts

shiseido art egg award

Following the completion of these solo exhibitions, a three-member review panel selected Goro Murayama to receive the "shiseido art egg award." The judges were architect Jun Aoki, painter Yasue Kodama, and glass artist Ritsue Mishima. The announcement will be made on this Shiseido Gallery website in late April, 2010.


shiseido art egg 4 exhibition catalogue (Japanese/English bilingual) is currently scheduled for publication in May 2010. Inquiry at the Shiseido Gallery for details.

Exhibition Details for shiseido art egg 4

Asae Soya January 8th (Fri) - January 31st (Sun), 2010
Junichi Okamoto February 5th (Fri) - February 28th (Sun), 2010
Goro Murayama March 5th (Fri) - March 28th (Sun), 2010
Location: Shiseido Gallery
Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building, B1
8-8-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Tel: 03-3572-3901 Fax: 03-3572-3951
Hours: Weekdays 11:00 - 19:00
Sundays & Holidays 11:00 - 18:00
Closed on Mondays (including March 22)
Admission: Free
Organized by: SHISEIDO CO., LTD.
Supported by: <Asae Soya Exhibition>
Avery Dennison Japan K.K , ORACAL , ORAFOL Europe GmbH , KANEKA CORPORATION ,
TAJIMAX Co., LTD. , TANSEISHA. Co., ltd. , TechnoPromotion Co., LTD. ,
Bonny ColArt Co., Ltd. , Liquitex
<Goro Murayama Exhibition>
Takasho Co., Ltd. , HOLBEIN WORKS, LTD.
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