Past Exhibition

Tsubaki-kai 2002 Tuesday,April 2 - Sunday,May 26

In 1947, upon the restart of activities that had been suspended during World War II, the first "Tsubaki-kai" exhibition was hosted by Shiseido Gallery. This group exhibition has continued to this day, renewing its members several times. Last year, the exhibition entered its fifth phase with new members, and their second exhibition will be held from April 2, 2002.

The fifth "Tsubaki-kai" members are as follows:

Painting: Yasue Kodama, Kyoko Sera, Toeko Tatsuno, Yuumi Domoto,
Mitsuko Miwa, Naoaki Yamamoto
Sculpture: Noe Aoki, Rury Iwata, Wakiro Sumi

While media art and installations are prominent trends in the art scene of today, the fifth "Tsubaki-kai" limits its genres to painting and sculpture, and aims to reconfirm the appeals and possibilities that lie therein. The exhibition will be held every year until 2005 with the same members. This style enables artists to improve by learning from and interacting with each other. The works, born from the earnest efforts by the artists of the fifth "Tsubaki-kai", will enable viewers to appreciate anew the various appeals of paintings and sculptures.

In addition to the exhibition at the Shiseido Gallery, a glass sculpture by Rury Iwata will be installed outside the Shiseido Art House in Kakegawa city, Shizuoka prefecture. This follows the installment of Noe Aoki's sculpture during the first exhibition last year. One work of each of the remaining three artists will be exhibited during the following years.

Please note that Mondays are closed, starting from April.

Evolution of the Tsubaki-kai


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