Past Exhibition

Tsubaki-kai 2005

The "Tsubaki-kai" exhibition series started in 1947, its name derived from Shiseido's symbol logo "Hanatsubaki" (Camellia). This series began in commemoration of resuming activity after the Gallery had been closed during World War II. Since, the Tsubaki-kai group has renewed its members every few years, continuing activities for over half a century to this day. When the Gallery was newly renovated in 2001, the following members were selected as the fifth group of artists: Noe Aoki, Rury Iwata, Yasue Kodama, Wakiro Sumi, Kyoko Sera, Toeko Tatsuno, Yuumi Domoto, Mitsuko Miwa, and Naoaki Yamamoto. This will be the final year for the 5th Tsubaki-kai.

Evolution of the Tsubaki-kai


Yasue Kodama, Kyoko Sera, Toeko Tatsuno,
Yuumi Domoto, Mitsuko Miwa, Naoaki Yamamoto,
Noe Aoki, Rury Iwata, Wakiro Sumi

During the past five years, the artists' styles have changed. Aoki embarked on a challenge to use new materials such as soap and bronze, in combination with her usual material, iron. Iwata has continued to create various installations in response to the various spaces she is given on each occasion. Kodama, who began to focus on representational paintings of flowers, plants and goldfish has continued to deepen her take on space, while Sumi, who used to create sculptures constructed from thin layers moved on to create works with rich volume. Sera started to work on paintings that were installed in combinations such as in the shape of a cross, and Tatsuno made her transition from the strong-shaded illusory shapes to more simple and flat ones. Since the "9.11" incident, Domoto has been drawn to more quiet and highly spiritual painting styles. Miwa invites viewers to experience the subtle shifting of perspective by creating a series of paintings of the same motif drawn from slightly different perspectives, and Yamamoto has started to create a monochrome world using the dripping technique.

The Tsubaki-kai has served as a ground for different artists to exert their own issues of concern. Each artist has satisfied the demanding role of presenting new works each year. This last exhibition will be the final stage for these nine members to present their newest works, the outcome of which we hope viewers will enjoy.


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