Past Exhibition

Tsubaki-kai 2003 Rethinking Small-sized Works

This group exhibition, which began in 1947, has continued to this day, renewing its members several times, but retaining the initial philosophy of "creating a place for mutual exchange and refinement of skills among the artists."


Yasue Kodama, Kyoko Sera, Toeko Tatsuno, Yuumi Domoto, Mitsuko Miwa,
Naoaki Yamamoto, Noe Aoki, Rury Iwata, Wakiro Sumi

While media art and installations are prominent trends in the art scene of today, the fifth "Tsubaki-kai" limits its genres to painting and sculpture, and aims to reconfirm the appeals and possibilities that lie therein. The fifth phase, which started in 2001 will continue annually until 2005 with the same members. The last two years were held without particular themes, granting the artists the freedom to create works as they like. However, as this year is the "turning point" in the 5-year time span, the organizers and artists have decided to attempt a specific theme. The theme for this year is to challenge "small-sized works."

In today's art scene, there is still a deep-seated belief in the power of large-sized works. Perhaps it was an inevitable development that art works became larger as paintings and sculptures were emancipated from the confinements of frames or pedestals, and consequently, emphasis was placed more on the dynamic, physical action of the artist. Yet it is also true that large works can only be exhibited in museums, galleries or other spaces fulfilling necessary conditions, and are not suitable for private homes or in the daily life environment.

It is also true that the art of today is often criticized for being autistic. This may be attributable to the content of the work, but may also be due to the fact that works of art today are seen in specific spaces such as museums or galleries. As a reaction to this trend, we have also witnessed works of art leaving the museum space and entering public arenas, in the form of art events, or sometimes not even existing as material, but as concepts or actions.

It is for these reasons that "Tsubaki-kai 2003" aims to re-evaluate the meaning of small-sized paintings and sculptures. The nine artists will each create new works, based on their own interpretation of the "human scale," in other words, works that are suitable for private rooms and other daily life environments. The value of small-sized works will be emphasized all the more in the Shiseido Gallery, which has a ceiling height of over 5 meters. Viewers will confront ideas of "size" and "scale," and also be invited to build an intimate relation with the works of these nine artists.

In addition to the exhibition at the Shiseido Gallery, a bronze sculpture by Wakiro Sumi will be installed outside the Shiseido Art House in Kakegawa city, Shizuoka prefecture. This follows the installment of Noe Aoki's work in the first year, and Rury Iwata's work in the second year. Works by the remaining artists will be exhibited during the following years.

Evolution of the Tsubaki-kai


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